Osceola Has Ebola (Pass It On)

During a recent high school homecoming game – typically the final American football game of the year and a big event – Northeast High (the Vikings) in St. Petersburg played Osceola High from nearby Seminole (the Warriors), both in Pinellas County, Florida – the most DENSEly populated county in the state.

Northeast High students made many signs such as the one pictured. I know this because I’ve helped a friend – a NE High student – with journalism aspirations.


[Click to enlarge]

It’s like John Waters and David Lynch (think Hairspray and Eraserhead, respectively) meet Florida high schools, 2014.

And then there’s this:

Note: Just to be clear – as far as I know, NO ONE at Osceola High School has tested positive for the Ebola disease which, if you were a fan of the The X-Files, is a/k/a Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

I’m not going to bash a bunch of teenage high school students.

I’m just saying, welcome to Florida.

Give Peace A Chance – Or – Keep Em Guessing



Ahead of me in traffic two days ago.











John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band


 Give Peace A Chance


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She’s A Rainbow

[Note: After a brief digital exchange with the artist who said creating a collage of her work was OK - as long as it is credited - I decided to republish this. She had not complained - but I had removed it because of concerns about copying someone's work without permission.]



She’s A Rainbow – The Rolling Stones


Digital Photo Artist Laura Bello

She comes in colors everywhere
She combs her hair
She’s like a rainbow


Bello In Digital Photo Mag





“I really don’t find myself modelesque.” – Laura Bello


All photos are property of Laura Bello.

“She’s A Rainbow” Music and lyrics by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

Performed by The Rolling Stones.


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Photo collage made at Photocollage.net.

Fall; All The Young Dudes; Goodbye A.

Today: The first real Fall day.

The temperature dropped to 62F (approximately 15C) overnight. From a high of 88F three days ago. And the humidity fell.

So here it is . . .

Neighbors drinking porch coffee this morning. Smiling. Waving hello. Relaxed. Everyone happy summer finally seems over.

Because I no longer feel imprisoned  . . . ["indoor depression" to a California boy] . . .

Because I’m energized, rebellious . . .

Because I’m sad . . .

My friend/acquaintance, A., leaves soon for Kentucky. A family obligation. I give him a framed photo of the Ospreys as a farewell gift. We will all miss him.





A: You might not know it – but you’re a dude, man.


All The Young Dudes

by Mott The Hoople

David Bowie: Lyrics

Boogaloo, dudes!



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Loving Hut: Closed For Repairs; Cockroaches Protest

Got this email today from Loving Hut Tampa. Voted Best Of The Bay? OK – seriously – I was going to do a cartoon about

Roaches Vote Loving Hut Top Vegan Restaurant In Tampa Bay Area

. . . but since I cannot draw . . .

[As a reference: This TV Dirty Dining report from June. The year before, The Tampa Bay Business Journal published "Roach activity, violations temporarily close USF-area Loving Hut"].

Here’s the email:


Our Loving Hut recently has been voted as BEST OF THE BAY 2014 by readers. Thanks for all of your wonderful support these years!


Under new management, Tampa Loving Hut is closed from 10-1-14 to 10-31-14 for repair and maintenance. We expect to re-open on 11-1-14. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We love to see you again!

Btw Gift Certificates issued before will still be effective after re-opening.

Have a beautiful day!

Loving Hut Working Team”

[Emphasized words in email are in the original.]

Voted “Best Of The Bay 2014″ . . .

Cockroaches read. Who knew?